Scitec Nutrition G-Bomb 2.0, 500 g Dose

Product information "Scitec Nutrition G-Bomb 2.0, 500 g can"

G-Bomb 2.0 - multi-component glutamine matrix

L-Glutamine - well known and popular as a sports supplement - is the most abundant amino acid in the human blood and in great demand throughout the body. Glutamine can be essential in certain situations, including during and after intense physical training, when the body cannot meet its requirements through synthesis. This conditionally essential amino acid can be obtained through the ingestion of dietary proteins and through food.

G-Bomb is a multi-component advanced glutamine matrix that supplies various glutamines and other substances from this "family". Glutamine via glutamate is converted to alpha-ketoglutarate, an integral component of the citrate cycle, which is an energy-generating cycle in our body. Scitec's recipe also delivers AKG, alpha-ketoglutarate directly!

Aspartame free.

The folic acid in the complex G-Bomb formula provides the following beneficial properties *:

  • helps reduce tiredness and exhaustion
  • contributes to normal amino acid synthesis
  • contributes to the normal function of the immune system
  • contributes to normal blood formation
  • contributes to normal homocysteine ​​metabolism
  • contributes to normal psychological function
  • plays a role in the process of cell division.

* These statements have been verified by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and authorized by the European Commission (EC).

Recommended intake:

Dissolve 1 serving in 400 ml of water per day. Take it 30 minutes before or during your workout.

Note for allergy sufferers:

May contain traces of milk, soy and egg proteins, nuts, peanuts, gluten, fish and crustaceans.


The product can lead to a change in the absorption of drugs, which can have an impact on the prescribed drugs - therefore the attending doctor should be consulted beforehand! Keep out of reach of children. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Not suitable for children, adolescents, pregnant and breastfeeding women. Use only for training or competition.

Nutritional table:

  per serving (14 g) *% NRV
sugar 0 g  
Folic acid 30 µg 15%
Proprietary “G-Bomb” matrix 10 050 mg  
 - of which glutamine 9800 mg  
(Micronized L-Glutamine, L-Glutamine, L-Glutamic Acid, Pteroyl-L-Glutamic Acid)
Auxiliary Complex 70 mg  
(Citrus Paradisi fruit extract 45 mg, L-alanine 10 mg, calcium alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) 10 mg, Bioperine (Piper nigrum extract 5 mg) 


 L-glutamine, maltodextrin, acidifier citric acid, sweetener acesulfame-K and sucralose, flavors (black tea, lemon), color E150c, separating agent tricalcium phosphate, naringin extract from Citrus Paradisi fruit (25: 1 extract), calcium alpha-ketoglutarate, L- Alanine, L-glutamic acid, micronized L-glutamine, Bioperine (Piper nigrum fruit 50: 1 extract), pteroylmonoglutamic acid.

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