PowerBar Clean Whey, 18 x 45 g bars

Product information "PowerBar Clean Whey, 18 x 45 g bar"

Reduced to the maximum: the Clean Whey bar confidently dispenses with the chocolate shell and shows you what it can do straight away: high-quality premium protein. 15 g per bar! Add a maximum of 0.9 g of sugar. The Clean Whey tastes not only after exercise, but also as a snack in between.

  • Lots of protein: 15 g protein per 45 g bar
  • Low sugar: a maximum of 0.9 g per 45 g bar
  • Also available as a 60 g bar

High-fiber protein bar made from milk protein for athletes, with sweeteners - vanilla coconut flavor


  • Pure taste - without a chocolate shell
  • With high quality whey protein
  • Lots of protein and little sugar
  • Free from dyes and aspartame
  • Suitable for vegetarians

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