Peak Performance Vegan Protein Isolate, 750 g bag

Product information "Peak Performance Vegan Protein Isolate, 750 g bag"

The vegan protein!

Vegan Protein is the plant-based alternative for the administration of high-quality protein from Peak Performance Products. Rice protein isolate and pea protein isolate are two of the most effective vegetable protein sources in the matrix. Compared to administration as a single protein, the combination enables a significant increase in the biological value as a sign of the quality of a food protein. The product completely dispenses with the use of animal ingredients and is therefore suitable for all types of vegetarian / vegan lifestyle. Those affected by intolerance to animal foods such as dairy products or eggs will also find Vegan Protein to be an excellent alternative for covering their daily protein needs. The addition of artificial sweeteners was also avoided. Vegan Protein gets its light sweetness from the use of the natural sweetener stevia. It is generally known that the absorption of protein promotes muscle building in the build-up phases and muscle maintenance in the reduction phases and is also involved in maintaining normal bones.

The solution for vegetarians and vegans!

Anyone who subscribes to the vegetarian or even vegan lifestyle sees it as their duty to look for plant-based alternatives to meet their daily protein needs. What used to be seen as a major problem with such a way of life is now seen as a completely solvable task. The approach from Peak Performance Products is called Vegan Protein. The combination of pea protein isolate and rice protein isolate enables a supply of amino acids, especially in combination, that is even superior to some animal protein sources. Responsible for this is the matrix of essential amino acids resulting from the combination, which is very similar to that of the body's own protein. Thanks to the low content of carbohydrates and fatty acids,

This is how vegan protein works:

With the exception of soy protein, vegetable protein sources enjoy the dubious fame of a poor protein quality compared to animal protein sources, which is defined by their biological value. The biological value indicates how much protein ingested through food can be converted into the body's own protein. The solution that Vegan Protein makes use of includes a clever combination of several protein carriers (here pea protein isolate and rice protein isolate) that complement each other and thus ensure a matrix of essential amino acids that comes very close to that of the human structure. Thanks to the extraction process, a product like Vegan Protein also enables protein to be absorbed without consuming large amounts of calories from carbohydrates or fatty acids. This makes it a real alternative for all types of diets and exercise goals. People who struggle with problems with animal protein carriers in the sense of intolerance will find the perfect product in Vegan Protein - 100% vegan and free of artificial sweeteners!

  • Aspartame free
  • Gluten free
  • GMO free
  • Lactose free
  • Vegan
  • Training goals: endurance, diet, strength building, muscle building
  • 80% * high quality protein
  • High EAA & BCAA content
  • Natural sweetness through stevia (not with taste natural)
  • Excellent solubility

Consumption recommendation:

Consume one serving daily, consisting of 30 g of vegan protein (2 level measuring spoons) mixed with 300 ml of water. It is recommended to use a shaker or mixer.

For best results, taking it in the morning, after waking up and before and after training is particularly effective.


A varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for health.

May contain traces of milk, soy, gluten and egg.

Nutritional table:

  per 100 g RI * per serving (30 g powder) RI *
energy 1675 kJ / 383 kcal 20% 503 kJ / 115 kcal 6%
fat 3.2 g 9% 1.9 g 3%
hereof: saturated fatty acids 2.2 g 11% 0.7 g 4%
carbohydrates 5.8 g 2% 1.7 g 1%
of which sugars 0.5 g 1% 0.2 g 0%
protein 76 g 152% 22 g 48%
salt 1.3 g 22% 0.39 g 7%
  per 100 g      
Amino acid profile        
Alanine 5.0 g      
Arginine 8.1 g      
Asparagine - aspartic acid 10.1 g      
Cysteine 1.6 g      
Glutamine - glutamic acid 16.8 g      
Glycine 4.0 g      
Histidine 2.2 g      
Isoleucine 4.6 g      
Leucine 8.5 g      
Lysine 6.0 g      
Methionine 2.4 g      
Phenylalanine 5.2 g      
Proline 4.0 g      
Serine 6.5 g      
Threonine 3.6 g      
Tryptophan 0.8 g      
Tyrosine 2.7 g      
Valine 7.9 g      
BCAAs 21.0 g      
EAAs 39.0 g      

* Reference intake for an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal)


Rice protein isolate 46.6%, pea protein isolate 46.6%, cocoa powder heavily de-oiled 5%, flavor, thickener (xanthan), sweetener (steviol glycosides).

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