Peak Performance Hellburner Hers, 90 capsule tin

Product information "Peak Performance Hellburner Hers, 90 capsules can"

The product at a glance:

  • Specially designed diet supplement for women
  • Contains carefully dosed stimulants
  • Provides 17 key substrates
  • With zinc, which contributes to a normal carbohydrate and fat metabolism

Hellburner Hers from Peak International is a complex diet supplement that has been specially tailored to the needs of women.

In addition to carefully dosed stimulants in the form of caffeine and guarana, Hellburner Hers contains a variety of selected plant extracts that are used in the context of sports nutrition in the area of ​​diet supplements. These include green tea extract (green tea extract), Dandelion extract (dandelion root extract), Parsley extract (parsley extract), Grape seed extract (grape seed extract), Polygonum cuspidatum extract (plant extract
with resveratrol), Horsetail extract (horsetail extract) , Cranberry extract (cranberry extract), Juniperus extract (juniper extract), Cayenne pepper extract (cayenne pepper extract), Ginkgo biloba extract (gingko extract), Mangosteen extract (mangosteen extract) and Brassaiopsis
glomerulata extract (Brassaiopsis glomerulata extract). The Hellburner Hers Formula also contains caffeine, guarana, L-tyrosine and piperine (piperidine alkaloid).
Hellburner Hers is rounded off by the addition of zinc, which among other things has been shown to contribute to a normal carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

Recommended intake:

Take 3 capsules in the morning with plenty of water. If the dosage seems too high, take 2 capsules in the morning and 1 more capsule in the afternoon (each with plenty of water).


Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.
A balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for health.
The specified recommended daily intake must not be exceeded.
Please keep the product out of the reach of children.

Nutritional table:

  per serving ** NRV *
zinc 5.00 mg 50%
Green tea extract (leaf) 95% polyphenols 400 mg /
L-tyrosine 400 mg /
Guarana extract (seeds) 300 mg /
Dandelion extract (root) 250 mg /
Parsley extract (root) 200 mg /
Grape Seed Extract - 95% Oligo Proanthocyanidins 100 mg /
Poligonum cuspidatum extract (strain) - 50% resveratrol 100 mg /
Horsetail extract (stalk) 100 mg /
Cranberry extract (fruit) 100 mg /
Juniper Extract (Fruit) 100 mg /
Cayenne pepper extract (fruit) 10% capsaicin (40,000 SHU) 100 mg /
Ginkgo Biloba Extract (leaf) 50 mg /
Mangosteen extract (fruit) 50 mg /
Brassaiopsis glomerulata extract (root) 25 mg /
Piperine (from Piper nigrum) 5.00 mg /
Total caffeine 80 mg /

* Nutrient
reference values ​​** Portion = 3 capsules


Green tea extract (leaf), L-tyrosine, guarana extract (seeds), capsule shell (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, coloring: titanium dioxide), dandelion extract (root), parsley extract (root), grape seed extract, Polygonum cuspidatum extract (stem), horsetail extract (cranberry extract) (stem) ), Juniper extract (fruit), cayenne pepper extract (fruit), ginkgo biloba extract (leaf), mangosteen extract (fruit), anti-caking agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids (vegetable), caffeine, brassaiopsis glomerulata extract (root), zinc citrate, piperine (from Piper nigrum) .

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