Peak Performance Epic Weight Gainer, 4500 g bag

Product information "Peak Performance Epic Weight Gainer, 4500 g bag"



  • Aspartame free

Training goals: 

  • Strength building
  • Muscle building

Epic Weight Gainer: Uncompromising gainer with a perfect composition!

The new Epic Weight Gainer from PEAK International cleans up the scene and sets completely new standards in terms of gainers.

While conventional products usually only catch the eye because of their particularly cost-effective composition, which uses the cheapest carbohydrate and protein sources in bulk, with the Epic Weight Gainer no expense or effort has been spared to launch the most effective product possible that makes hardgainer hearts beat faster.

THE tool for everyone who wants to build muscle instead of fat!

Epic Weight Gainer contains only the highest quality protein sources in a specially designed matrix of whey protein, casein & egg protein, which on the one hand achieves the highest possible biological value and on the other hand creates a so-called time-release effect of the amino acids contained. There is an extremely fast and at the same time a particularly long-lasting supply of protein - ideal as a meal replacement or an additional protein and calorie boost during the day, or even overnight!

The carefully selected carbohydrate matrix made from oatmeal flour, isomaltulose and the extremely high-quality and expensive raw material cluster dextrin, just like the protein matrix, ensures a supply at all levels: The supply is quick and at the same time long-term, with the least possible strain on the stomach and avoiding a bloated feeling. Another advantage of this composition: The gainer tastes absolutely EXCELLENT due to the oatmeal it contains and without any cheap sugar sources, as in conventional weight gainers.

The matrix has been optimized with chromium and cinnamon extract: These two substances ensure the best possible regulation of the blood sugar level, the highest possible insulin sensitivity and thus ensure that the carbohydrates end up where the athlete wants them: in the muscles instead of in the fatty tissue!

Are you a hardgainer, struggling to gain weight, or can't eat whole meals regularly at work? Convince yourself now of the new generation of meal replacement & gainer products.

Consumption recommendation:

Drink 1 - 3 servings of Epic Weight Gainer per day, preferably after training, after getting up or as a snack. Mix 150 g (approx. 5 measuring spoons) of powder in 400 - 600 ml of water for one serving. Epic Weight Gainer is not a meal replacement, but a dietary supplement.


A varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for health. Keep out of reach of children. The product is not suitable for children, adolescents, pregnant women and diabetics. Please adjust the dosage to your personal needs. The specified daily consumption must not be exceeded. Weight gain can occur through Epic Weight Gainer.

Contains gluten, milk, egg and soy products.

Nutritional table:

Nutritional value Per 100g
Energy value 1614 kJ / 372 kcal
fat 5.8 g
saturated fat 1.7 g
carbohydrates 53 g
of which sugars 8.6 g
protein 27 g
salt 0.4 g
chrome 27 µg
Lactase 70 ALU units
Cinnamon extract 167 mg
Amino acid profile:  
Alanine 4.6 g
Arginine 4.5 g
Asparagine - aspartic acid 9.1 g
Cysteine 1.9 g
Glutamine - glutamic acid 18.9 g
Glycine 3.4 g
Histidine 2.1 g
Isoleucine * 4.9 g
Leucine * 9.6 g
Lysine * 6.6 g
Methionine * 2.2 g
Phenylalanine * 4.6 g
Proline 6.4 g
Serine 5.3 g
Threonine * 4.3 g
Tryptophan * 1.9 g
Tyrosine 4.2 g
Valine * 5.6 g
BCAAs 20.1 g
EAAs 39.7 g
* essential amino acids
** the amino acid profile relates to the proteins contained in the product


OAT flake flour, WHEY protein concentrate, isomaltulose, calcium CASEINat, cocoa powder (de-oiled), cyclic dextrin, EI protein, aroma, stabilizer (carboxymethyl cellulose), cinnamon extract, salt, sweetener (sucralose, acesulfame-K), emulsifier (SOJAlecithine) ), Lactase (from Aspergillus oryzae), chromium picolinate.

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