Peak Performance Daily Fiber, 360 g can, Apple

Product information "Peak Performance Daily Fiber, 360 g can, Apple"

Dietary fiber is one of the food components with high health benefits. The digestive tract in particular benefits from an adequate supply, which unfortunately is often not covered by the usual diet. Daily Fiber from PEAK closes the supply gaps in fiber with a great tasting fiber drink. The 7g of dietary fiber contains both water-soluble and water-insoluble representatives in a sophisticated matrix for optimal effectiveness.

What can I expect from Daily Fiber?

Dietary fiber is primarily a matter of so-called polysaccharides (multiple sugars), more precisely so-called "non-starch polysaccharides", which come primarily from plant-based foods. The sugar-like food components play an important role in our diet.
As a result, the total dietary fiber requirement for men up to 50 years of age is 38g per day and for women up to 50 years of age 25g. Over the age of 50, amounts of 30g for men and 21g for women are considered appropriate. Such a large amount is seldom ingested through a normal mixed diet, which is why there are regular gaps in supply among athletes, but also non-athletes. The large term dietary fiber is further divided into water-soluble dietary fiber and water-insoluble dietary fiber. Both of these in their own way promote healthy digestion and were added to the Daily Fiber matrix.

Functionality and mode of action of Daily Fiber

Water-soluble fiber such as inulin, pectin or oligofructose are known to delay the absorption of food and prevent indigestion. Water-soluble fiber is also said to play an important role in maintaining a healthy, balanced intestinal flora, a regulated blood sugar level and a healthy cholesterol level. 
Water-insoluble fiber only binds water in very small quantities. This property primarily ensures an increase in the volume of the stool and thus a faster excretion of toxins and waste substances contained in the stool from the intestine.

With Daily Fiber the perfect daily fiber companion comes into the house for everyone ... Your digestion will thank you!

  • The perfect combination of water-soluble and water-insoluble fiber
  • 7g dietary fiber in a perfectly balanced matrix per serving
  • Delicious fruit taste
  • Easy to prepare with water

Nutritional information:

  100 g per serving (12 g)
Calorific value 625 kJ 75 kJ
  38 kcal 5 kcal
fat 0.7 g 0.1 g
hereof: saturated fatty acids 0 g 0 g
carbohydrates 5.8 g 0.7 g
of which sugars 5.2 g 0.6 g
Fiber 58 g 7 g
protein 2.1 g 0.3 g
salt 0.04 g 0 g
Psyllium husks 33 mg 4000 µg
pectin 16 mg 2000 µg
Oligoprintosis 16 mg 2000 µg
Inulin 16 mg 2000 µg


Psyllium peel powder (35%), apple-lemon pectin (19.7%), oligofructose (chicory) (19.2%), inulin (chicory) (18.6%), acidulants (citric acid, malic acid), sweetener (sucralose , Acesulfame-K).

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