Peak Performance Arginine AKG, 150 capsule jar

Product information "Peak Performance Arginine AKG, 150 capsule jar"

Arginine AKG

  •  800 mg of Arginine AKG per capsule
  •  Precursor of nitric oxide (NO)
  •  Ideal for taking before training

Arginine AKG is a highly potent form of the well-known nitric oxide-forming amino acid
L-arginine, which is particularly suitable for taking before training.

Compared to the normal L-arginine form, arginine-alpha-ketogluterate is
absorbed by the body much better , which results in a greater increase in the NO blood level and thus exceeds
the potency of a normal L-arginine supplement many times over.

As a result, Arginine AKG is an extremely functional pre-workout supplement.

Consumption recommendation:

Consume 5 capsules Arginine AKG daily with as much liquid as possible, preferably before
Packaging unit (s):
Can / 150 capsules of 950 mg - 142.5 g

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