Peak Peformance MCT Oil 500 ml

Brief description of MCT oil

MCT oil consists of medium-chain triglycerides, functional fatty acids, which are obtained from coconut oil and palm kernel oil.

In contrast to other fatty acids, MCTs with 8.3 kcal / g provide fewer calories than other fatty acids. Due to their shorter fatty acid chain length and the associated functional properties, MCTs are very popular with athletes as an energy source and during diets.

What can I expect from MCT oil?

First and foremost, MCT oil is a supplement that is used in diets, especially when you use it as a substitute for other fats.

MCT oil provides you with a lot of energy for intensive workouts , which you can increase by adding high-glycemic carbohydrates (Glucofast). However, since these combinations contain a lot of calories, they are not suitable for diets.

The overall effects of the particularly functional MCTs on your individual goals (fat loss, muscle building) depend very much on your eating habits and the use of supplementary supplements ( BCAAs , highly glycemic carbohydrates , other diet supplements ).

So that the functional boost of MCT oil does not fizzle out, you should adjust the amount of all basic substrates to your individual training or diet goals and, above all, supply proteins as consistently as possible throughout the day.

Functionality and mode of action of MCT oil

MCT oil contains so-called medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), a special type of saturated fatty acids, which are mainly found in coconut and palm kernel oil and have outstanding functional properties. Despite the natural occurrence in food, supplementation with MCT oil is recommended in order to get really significant amounts of this functional fat and to avoid unwanted accompanying substances in the food, especially other fatty acids.

MCTs differ in structure from the other saturated fats, which are generally considered to be less healthy than unsaturated fatty acids and, among other things, are supposed to make you fat. They are much shorter than the other saturated and unsaturated fats. Due to this eponymous structure, they only have 8.3 kcal instead of 9 kcal (like other fatty acids) per gram and are therefore very interesting as a quickly available energy source for people with fat digestion problems (weak activity of the lipase enzymes) and conscious people .

Application tip
MCT oil should not be used as a substitute for omega-3 fatty acids or CLA and EPA / DHA / GLA, but rather as a supplement. Ideally, athletes with a very low-calorie diet or “ketogenic” or “anabolic diet” consume about 15 ml of MCT oil a day in order to benefit as much as possible from the functionality of the fatty acids.



ake 15 ml of MCT oil a day. For energetic purposes, you should take MCT oil preferably 30 minutes before training. Increase the amount of MCT oil slowly so that your digestion can get used to it and do not heat MCT oil above 130 ° C, otherwise its special structure will destroy it.

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