IronMaxx Mindpower Zero Powder, 360 g can, Blueberry

Product information "IronMaxx Mindpower Zero Powder, 360 g can, Blueberry"

Mindpower powder - booster for gaming and concentration phases

Perfect for esports and gamers. Concentration, energy level and focus are particularly important here. IronMaxx Mindpower Zero is the perfect companion to take your gaming to the next level. Can also be used in other situations in which focus is particularly important, e.g. when studying, exams or doing sports.

Focus on ingredients and taste

Great taste thanks to an intensive quality management process: IronMaxx want to offer not only effective, but also delicious products! Therefore, the manufacturer pays special attention to the taste. The flavor of the powder was repeatedly optimized through numerous tastings until IronMaxx were finally able to bring a masterpiece of taste onto the market. In the fruity Blueberry flavor, which is also known in Germany as blueberry or blueberry.

Careful selection of numerous active ingredients, plant extracts and vitamins

Beverage powder with numerous active ingredients and plant extracts: IronMaxx Mindpower Zero contains, among other things, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Insoitol, Guarana extract, Ginkgo extract, Bacopa Monnieri extract, green tea extract, black pepper extract and much more. Contains 14 mg caffeine per serving (12g powder). The substances it contains, vitamin B12, niacin and pantothenic acid, help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

The advantages of the product at a glance:

  • Original IronMaxx Mindpower Powder Gaming Booster
  • Perfect for e-sports and gamers. Concentration, energy level and focus are particularly important here
  • Can also be used in other situations in which focus is particularly important, e.g. when studying, exams or doing sports
  • Excellent quality *
  • Use of excellent raw material qualities
  • Great taste
  • Numerous active ingredients and plant extract: including N-acetyl-L-tyrosine, inositol, guarana extract and gingko extract
  • Contains caffeine (14 mg caffeine per serving (12g powder))
  • Vegan & Zero Sugar
  • Easy preparation due to the good solubility of the powder

All ingredients at a glance

Many other boosters only consist of a few ingredients. IronMaxx, on the other hand, values ​​meaningful complexes. The following ingredients are therefore included: N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Inositol, Choline Bitartrate, Panax Ginseng Extract with Ginsenosides, Guarana Extract with Caffeine, Ginkgo Extract, Bacopa Monnieri Extract with Bacosides, Rose Root Extract, Green Tea Extract with Caffeine, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, black pepper extract with piperine and vitamin B12.

Consumption recommendation:

Drink one serving before the study or gaming phase.


The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded! Do not use as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet! Keep out of reach of small children! Contains caffeine. Not recommended for children and pregnant women (14mg caffeine / daily portion of 12g powder).

Nutritional table:

  Per 100 g Per 12 g powder **
Calorific value 1103 kJ / 264 kcal 132 kJ / 32 kcal
fat 0.7 g <0.5 g
- of which total Fatty acids 0.6 g <0.1 g
carbohydrates 23 g 2.7 g
- of which sugars <0.5 g  
protein 17 g 2.1 g
salt 0.08 g 0.01 g


  Per 12 g powder **
N-acetyl-L-tyrosine 2500 mg
Inositol 1000 mg
Choline bitartrate 500 mg
Panax ginseng extract 100 mg
- of which ginsenosides 10 mg
Guarana extract 100 mg
- of which caffeine 10 mg
Ginkgo extract 100 mg
Bacopa Monnieri extract 100 mg
- of which bacosides 55 mg
Rose root extract 50 mg
Green tea extract 50 mg
- of which caffeine 4 mg
niacin 16 mg (100% *)
Pantothenic acid 6.0 mg (100% *)
Black pepper extract 5000 µg
- of which piperine 4750 µg
Vitamin B12 2.5 µg (100% *)

* NRV (according to VO (EU) No. 1169/2011) =% of the nutrient reference values

** Daily portion


Dextrin, N-acetyl-L-tyrosine, inositol, aroma, extract mixture (guarana extract, Panax ginseng extract, ginkgo extract, Bacopa Monnieri extract, green tea extract, rose root extract, black pepper extract), choline bitartrate, thickener (xanthan gum) , Acidifier (citric acid), coloring agent (anthocyanins), MCT fat powder (coconut oil, acacia fiber), sweeteners (sucralose, stevioglycosides), anti-caking agents (silicon dioxide), nicotinamide, calcium D-panthothenate, cyanocobalamin.

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