IronMaxx Beef Amino Liquid, 1000 ml bottle, Cola-Lime

Product information "IronMaxx Beef Amino Liquid, 1000 ml bottle, Cola-Lime"

Beef Amino Liquid from IronMaxx offers many valuable amino acids!

  • Liquid amino acids with taste
  • Rich in BCAAs and Glutamine
  • No added sugar (<0.4 g carbohydrates), only sweetened with stevia and sucralose
  • Provides over 13,800 mg of pure amino acids per serving

Beef protein hydrolyzate and whey protein hydrolyzate are among the highest quality proteins for humans. The Beef Amino Liquid combines these two proteins into one of the most efficient energy sources on the market.

Hydrolyzates are particularly characterized by the gentle pre-splitting of the protein chains and can therefore be absorbed by the body even faster. The Beef Amion Liquid has a protein content of 56% in pre-split form. In addition, the liquid contains a particularly large number of essential and non-essential amino acids as well as the muscle amino acids BCAA. This means a total of 13,000mg of pure amino acids per serving!  

Both the beef protein hydrolyzate and the whey protein hydrolyzate are fat-free and contain almost no carbohydrates, so that the beef protein liquid only provides the body with the most important active ingredients. In addition to its high quality, the liquid impresses with its good taste - and that without any additives. 

Nutritional table:

  per 100 g per potion (13 g)
Calorific value 237 kcal / 1010 kJ        59.4 kcal / 252 kJ
fat <0.1 g <0.1 g
- of which total Fatty acids     <0.1 g <0.1 g
carbohydrates 1.2 g 0.3 g
- of which sugars 0.7 g 0.2 g
protein 55.9 g 14.0 g
salt 0.456 g 0.114 g
BCAAs 4.7 g 1.2 g
Leucine 1380 mg 207 mg
Lysine 1910 mg 286.5 mg
Valine 1140 mg 171 mg
Isoleucine 620 mg 93 mg
Glutamic acid 4910 mg 736.5 mg
Threonine 860 mg 129 mg
Phenylalanine 1100 mg 165 mg
Tyrosine 190 mg 28.5 mg
Methionine 380 mg 57 mg
Histidine 290 mg 43.5 mg
Alanine 4290 mg 643.5 mg
Cysteine 50 mg 7.5 mg
Tryptophan 50 mg 7.5 mg
Aspartic acid 2720 ​​mg 408 mg
Arginine 3630 mg 544.5 mg
Proline 6250 mg 937.5 mg
Serine 1480 mg 222 mg
Glycine 10,780 mg 1617 mg
Hydroxylysine 430 mg 64.5 mg
Hydroxyproline 5250 mg 787.5 mg

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