inkospor X-Treme Creawhey, 1350 g can

Product information "inkospor X-Treme Creawhey, 1350 g can"

A special combination of high-quality whey protein isolate and PeptoPro ensure fast protein supply. The high proportion of BCCA ensures good and effective regeneration. Ideal after a workout.
Studies show the greatest effectiveness of creatine with short-term, intensive loads (strength and rapid strength performance), so that ultimately maximum strength performance can be maintained longer and fatigue can be delayed.
With the premium raw material Creapure® used - exclusively manufactured and patented in Germany - we do not compromise on tolerance and bioavailability: This is how you properly supply your body with high-quality creatine.
The carbohydrate transport matrix and 1 g of sodium chloride ensure better absorption of creatine and good regeneration.

Recommended intake:

1 serving per day, preferably after training or on non-training days right in the morning after getting up.


The stated recommended daily dose must not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of small children. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. This product is only suitable for adults. Not suitable for young children and teenagers, as well as for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Creatine is not recommended for long-term use (over 4 weeks). Regular consumption can lead to weight gain.

Nutritional table:

  per 100g per serving (45 g in 250 ml water)
Energy (kJ) 1399 630
Energy (kcal) 329 148
Fat (g) 0.17 0.08
saturated fatty acids (g) 0.10 0.05
Carbohydrates (g) 34 15th
of which sugar (g) 13th 5.8
Protein (g) 45 20th
Salt (g) 2.2 1.0
Magnesium (mg) 125 56
Vitamin B6 (mg) 0.47 0.21
Riboflavin (mg) 0.47 0.21
Thiamine (mg) 0.37 0.17

Creatine (g) 6.7 3.0

Amino acids per 100g

  per 100g
L-leucine 5.1
L-isoleucine 3.0
L-phenylalanine 2.0
L-lysine 4.2
L-threonine 3.4
L-valine 3.3
L-methionine 1.1
L-tryptophan 0.9
L-cysteine 1.1
L-serine 2.5
L-arginine 1.6
Glycine 1.4
L-proline 2.6
L-alanine 2.2
L-aspartic acid 4.6
L-glutamic acid 7.6
L-histidine 1.1
L-tyrosine 2.1


Whey protein isolate (40%), maltodextrin, glucose, milk protein hydrolyzate (11%), creatine monohydrate (7.6%), acidifier: tartaric acid, salt, aroma, magnesium citrate, color: riboflavin, sweetener: sucralose, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B1 (thiamine mononitrate).

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