ESN Vegan Pro Complex 1000g

ESN Vegan Pro Complex is made from valuable vegetable rice and pea protein. With a whole 78 grams of protein per 100g, athletes are excellently supplied and can use the full potential of their muscles in training sessions.

The unique vegetable power of the high quality protein is popular among vegetarians and vegans in particular. People with a lactose intolerance very much appreciate the easy to digest ESN Vegan Pro Complex.

Vegetable protein all-rounder:

  • High quality plant-based protein
  • 70% Rice protein concentrate & 20% pea protein isolate
  • Low Carb product
  • Very good amino acid profile
  • Perfectly suited for muscle building
  • 100% vegan Produkt
  • Aspartame Free
  • Fantastic Flavour
  • High quality product, Made in Germany

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