Body Attack Tribulus Extreme 80 Caps

Body Attack's Tribulus Extreme is a high-quality, pure plant extract. 

The contained in the popular Maxi-Caps Tribulus extract (2000 mg per daily serving) not only has the usual ingredient  saponins  (1800 mg per daily serving), but also contains  Protodioscine  (430 mg per daily serving).

90% saponin in it 22% protodioscin

In addition, the mineral zinc was  added to the formula of Tribulus Extreme  . Zinc can help maintain normal testosterone levels in the blood and normal protein synthesis. 
The Body Attack Tribulus Extreme thus provides  two valuable ingredients for nutritional supplements in weight training  . The Body Attack Tribulus Extreme supports a protein-rich and varied diet by  additionally providing the  phytochemicals saponins and protodioscins .
Due to their structure, saponins and protodioscins are plant steroids that, like amino acids, have a nitrogen-containing compound. These plant steroids belong to the group of secondary plant substances, the so-called glycosides.
The  glycosides  are not only found in the Tribulus herb plant, but also in small quantities in legumes, e.g. in beans. Whether beans or other legumes - both should not be missing as a vegetable protein source in the build-up phase. Because they supply important essential amino acids and also nitrogen-containing compounds such as  saponins and protodioscins .

Good to know: Why is nitrogen so important for the body?

The  protein metabolism is always dependent on nitrogen because the body can not make itself these. A deficiency leads to a negative nitrogen balance and means that the body breaks down more muscle proteins than builds up.
Most athletes want to build more muscle, but this is only possible through a positive nitrogen balance. This means that if the body receives enough nitrogen molecules from food, it can retain more for the building processes. 

For this reason,  all athletes who aim to build more muscle should, choose a varied selection of nutritional proteins by increasing the number of vegetable proteins such as legumes on the daily menu. Especially people with too little or one-sided intake of legumes  can benefit from the Body Attack Tribulus Extreme . 
The  vitamins such as B6, folic acid and especially pantothenic acid  contribute to normal  synthesis and  normal  metabolism of amino acids, steroid hormones, vitamin D and some neurotransmitters  (e.g. dopamine, serotonin).



Recommended consumption

On training days, consume 2 capsules before training with plenty of fluids. On days without training, 2 capsules a day. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

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