Body Attack Power Protein 90, 500g

Whether for fitness, game, endurance or strength athletes: the Power Protein 90 by Body Attack is the  ideal supplement when the protein metabolism is stimulated by the strain on the muscles. Because then Power Protein 90 delivers valuable proteins that can contribute to an increase and maintenance of the muscles.


The Power Protein 90 combines the  advantages of high-quality protein sources  and supports a low-fat, protein-rich and sports-oriented diet. The contained  whey protein  provides the body with protein very quickly because it can be absorbed very well. The  casein,  in turn, is absorbed with a time delay and provides the body with protein for a long time. This means that the creamy shake can be taken as a  filling meal  in the morning and evening, as well as to supply the muscles  directly after training.


Product highlights:

  • Multi-component protein with over 80% protein
  • Fast and slowly digestible proteins (41 g per serving *)
  • For building and maintaining the muscles
  • Low Carb and Low Fat *> Ideal in diet phases
  • 9300 mg BCAA per serving *
  • 500 mg L-Carnitine per serving * (Carnipure)
  • Vitamin B6 for normal energy metabolism
  • Made in Germany> Highest quality raw materials, best quality
  • Aspartame free
  • Very good solubility, creamy taste even in water
  • Up to 34 servings


Recommended dosage: 
A portion, 30 g of powder (1½ scoops) mixed with 300 ml of skim milk. 

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