Body Attack Nitro Pump 3.0, 400g

Body Attack Nitro Pump 3.0 400g

  • > 20,000 mg Mega Dosed Pump Matrix per serving
  • Massive and stronger muscles due to the high dose of active ingredient
  • 3.0 version focuses on your muscle strength and your muscle pump
  • Without caffeine, instead with popular energy drink ingredients
  • Neuro Intense Formula - DMAE, L-acetyl-L-tyrosine, glucuronolactone
  • Pre-workout matrix minimizes mental and muscular fatigue 
  • Strength Matrix - Powerful nutrient component with the new CREAZ
  • With popular plant extracts such as Rhodiola Rosea and Ginseng
  • Amino acid complex for the intensive training session and more results
  • Vitamin B6 and magnesium for normal protein synthesis and protein metabolism


Even better, harder, more effective - The Body Attack Nitro Pump 3.0 delivers exactly the amounts of active ingredients compared to other pre-workout boosters that give the muscles even more power and pump during training. With the new optimized formula you will go beyond your performance limits with Nitro Pump 3.0. You will feel a burning fire in your muscles, which will make your muscles feel bigger and more massive after your workout. 

The addition of B vitamins such as niacin results in a great synergy effect by maintaining the normal functioning of the nervous system during an intensive training phase. This means that you can maintain your mental performance during the strenuous training phase. This allows the muscles to train longer and more intensely if fatigue is delayed by the nutrients mentioned. As a result, you can do more weights and repetitions during training. The muscles in training feel this through more volume and a stronger pump. The latter is primarily triggered by the Mega Dosed Pump Workout Fusion Matrix. In addition to the 3000 mg pure creatine, i.e. the CREAZ, there are also 3000 mg beta alanine, 2500 mg L-arginine AKG, 4000 mg L-citrulline, 2000 mg L-leucine, 


Recommended intake

Take 30 to 15 minutes before training



Dissolve 25g powder in 200ml water

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