Body Attack Muscle Creatine 500g

Muscle Creatine from Body Attack is a special creatine monohydrate made from non-animal raw materials that can increase physical performance with short physical exertion. The Creapure logo stands for quality, purity and good availability.

Creapure - The best creatine powder worldwide
The Muscle Creatine from Body Attack contains the Creapure produced in Germany, which is considered the purest and highest quality creatine worldwide. It is a microfine powder that is free of lactose and gluten. Regardless of whether protein shake, water or juice - the creatine monohydrate, which is produced without genetic engineering, can be easily stirred into any type of liquid.

100% high quality microfine creatine monohydrate (Creapure)
- Creapure is made from the best raw materials and stands for quality, purity and good availability
- Made in Germany
- Lactose and gluten free
- GMO Free (without genetic engineering)
- Vegan


Recommended dosage:

Stir 4 g (1 measuring spoon) of Muscle Creatine into 150 ml of clear apple juice and consume preferably before and after training. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

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