Body Attack Lipo 100 Fem 120 Caps

How can I lose weight quickly and achieve positive effects? The answer is: LIPO 100 FEM! This is where everything works that women need to lose weight healthily in harmony with a balanced diet and a calorie deficit. The capsules bring your fat burner diet up to speed. Plant extracts, B vitamins, l-Carnitine (Carnipure™), iron, zinc and Lipocholine® - all ingredients are 100% vegan! Let the kilos melt, lose your weight and boost your body´s own fat burning together with the right workout. LIPO 100 FEM is the ideal support to lose weight effectively.


Recommended intake

On days without training, 3 x 2 capsules at main meals with plenty of liquid (200 ml). On training days, take 6 capsules about 60 minutes before training. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.


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