BlackLine 2.0 Sunny's Bakery protein baking mix, 1500 g bag

Product information "BlackLine 2.0 Sunny's Bakery protein baking mix, 1500 g bag"

What was the idea for Sunny's Bakery?

Sunny wanted to create a baking mix that is totally flexible and never gets boring. A baking mix from which I can bake something new every day and which can be perfectly integrated into a healthy diet and a sporty everyday life. No matter if you want to lose weight, build muscle or just have a delicious cake. After a few baking attempts and tests, Sunny's Bakery was created, which meets all of these criteria.

What ingredients does Sunny's Bakery contain?

The main ingredients of Sunny´s Bakery are pure oat flakes or wholemeal oat flour and whey protein concentrate. Of course, we have avoided sugar and use erythritol and sucralose as calorie-free sweeteners. We have also added inulin to the baking mix, just like our Flastys.

How many and what ingredients do I have to add to Sunny's Bakery?

And that's really easy too. You only need 2 ingredients to create a delicious vanilla cake from the basic mixture: 100 ml water 2 egg whites (whipped until stiff, as egg whites) Simply stir the baking mixture with the 100 ml. Beat the 2 egg whites into egg whites and fold in. The cake batter for your vanilla cake is ready! All other ingredients, such as egg yolks, peanut butter, chocolate, fruit etc. are optional and can be added depending on the recipe, effort, taste and type of diet.

How long does my cake have to be in the oven before I can enjoy it?

That's the best thing ever. Everything is absolutely easy and, above all, done quickly. A cake only needs to be in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 180 degrees (the baking time naturally varies depending on the oven and type of pastry).

What are the advantages of the baking mix compared to a normal baking mix?

  • Only 396 calories per cake (base mix)
  • 10 servings per pack
  • sugar-free
  • 45g protein (per cake)
  • only 6.5 g fat (per cake)
  • high fiber content (8.6g per cake)
  • only 2 additional ingredients
  • Max. 25 minutes preparation time (at 180 degrees)
  • Versatile, thanks to 100 possible variations

Which baking recipes is Sunny's Bakery suitable for?

And that's simply the best: almost all of them! Whether chocolate cake, lemon cake, protein pancakes, mugcakes, muffins, banana bread, cookies etc. - there are simply no limits to your imagination. Since Sunny´s Bakery is a basic baking mix, you can, depending on your taste and diet, either bake the base mix as a vanilla cake (yes, it tastes really delicious), or enrich it with low-calorie fruit or various types of Flasty , or you really let off steam and pimp you with sugar-free chocolate, awesome Skyr topping, nuts or, or, or. Doesn't that make you hungry?

Allergen information:

Gluten, milk

May contain traces of:

Crustaceans, eggs, fish, soy, nuts, lupins

Nutritional table:

  per 100 g per serving (150 g dry product)
Calorific value 1105 kJ / 264 kcal 1657 kJ / 396 kcal
fat 4.30 g 6.45 g
carbohydrates 56.40 g 84.60 g
Protein 25.00 g 37.50 g
Fiber 5.70 g 8.55 g
salt 0.10 g 0.15 g


Sweetener erythritol, whey protein concentrate (contains sunflower lecithin), oat flakes, wholemeal oat flour, baking powder (acidifier diphosphates, raising agent sodium hydrogen carbonate, corn starch), inulin, flavoring, sweetener sucralose


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