BlackLine 2.0 Greens & Reds, 300 g can

Product information "BlackLine 2.0 Greens & Reds, 300 g can"


What can the "Greens" do?

The powder, which is made from carefully processed plant substances and superfoods, provides many essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes in a matter of seconds and gives you an optimal upgrade for your micronutrient balance. It would go beyond the scope of listing all ingredients here. To give a few examples, the greens consist mainly of barley grass powder, which contains 30 times as many B vitamins and 11 times more calcium than cow's milk, 7 times more vitamin C than oranges and 5 times more iron than spinach. In addition, and now comes the absolute blast, more minerals, vitamins, bio-flavonoids, antioxidants and enzymes than any other green plant. Another ingredient is spirulina, a bacterium that is rich in protein (60%), Contains 20 times more vitamin A than carrots and many anti-oxidants and essential amino acids. Unfortunately, the taste of the greens often suffers.

What are "Reds" anyway?

In order to give the greens a fresh and good taste, with even more nutrient density, it was thought that one would add a serving of reds! The reds, which consist of fruits (especially berries), go through a particularly gentle manufacturing process. Particular attention is paid to the fact that whole fruits with all their important components (pips, peel etc.) are processed in order to preserve all valuable secondary plant substances. So you take the greens to a new level again! And very important: they also transform the greens pure, just with water, into a culinary delight!

Fiber? Sure!

To top it off, we've added an extra portion of fiber in the form of pectin and psyllium husks to the Greens & Reds.

Made in Germany!

The Greens & Reds are made and bottled in Germany using only selected ingredients, gently and under the highest quality conditions.

How to take Greens & Reds correctly:

10g in 200ml water

Nutritional table:

Nutritional value per 100 g   per serving (10 g)  
energy 1369 kJ   136 kJ  
  327 kcal   32 kcal  
fat 1.90 g   0.19 g  
hereof: saturated fatty acids 0.23 g   0.02 g  
carbohydrates 35.90 g   3.59 g  
of which sugars 9.80 g   0.98 g  
protein 8.90 g   0.89 g  
salt 0.51 g   0.05 g  


Active ingredient per 100g   per serving (10 g)  
vitamin C 0.15 g   0.02 g  
pectin 15.00 g   1.50 g  
Barley grass powder 14.43 g   1.44 g  
Psyllium husk powder 10.00 g   1.00 g  
Beetroot juice powder 8.00 g   0.80 g  
Wheat fiber 6.00 g   0.60 g  
Spirulina powder 5.00 g   0.50 g  
Carrot powder 4.00 g   0.40 g  
Pineapple fruit powder 4.00 g   0.40 g  
Rose hip powder 4.00 g   0.40 g  
Blueberry extract 1.00 g   0.10 g  
Spinach powder 3.00 g   0.30 g  
Green tea extract 2.00 g   0.20 g  
Green tea extract - including egcg 1.00 g   0.10 g  
Tomato powder 1.00 g   0.10 g  
Acai Berry Extract 30: 1 1.00 g   0.10 g  
Blueberry extract - including anthocyanidins 0.05 g   0.01 g  
Matcha tea powder 0.50 g   0.05 g  
Black pepper extract (95%) 0.21 g   0.02 g  
of which piperine  0.20 g   0.02 g  
Fiber 31.50 g   3.15 g  


Pectin, acidifier malic acid, barley grass powder, psyllium husk powder, beetroot juice powder, wheat fiber, spirulina powder, pineapple fruit powder, carrot powder, rosehip powder, spinach powder, chlorella powder, aroma, green tea extract, tomato powder, blueberry tea extract, steviol extract, stevic extract, acai beeren powder black pepper extract

Allergen information for Greens & Reds:


May contain traces of:

Crustaceans, eggs, soy, milk

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