Blackline 2.0 Core Arginine AKG powder, 300 g can

Product information "Blackline 2.0 Core Arginine AKG powder, 300 g can"

Especially in times when you want to be SHREDD, a protein-rich diet is important. This provides you with enough amino acids to maintain your muscles even in a calorie deficit. A protein-rich diet, to which our #sinobCore Arginine AKG Powder fits perfectly as a supplement, provides all the essential amino acids, which in turn are involved in the formation of L-arginine. L-arginine is part of many metabolic processes in the body, for example it participates in the formation of nitric oxide, better known as NO.

Since L-arginine can be formed from the essential amino acids, supplementing with #sinobCore Arginine AKG Powder can save essential amino acids, as these do not have to be used to form L-arginine.

What is AKG

AKG stands for Alpha Keta Glutarate. AKG acts as a carrier of nitrogen substrates in the citric acid cycle. It is an organic compound that can be formed by the body itself. This enables amino acids with AKG compounds such as our #sinobCore Arginine AKG Powder to be better absorbed by the body. This generates a high availability of L-arginine in the body

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