BioTech USA Zero Drops flavor drops, 50 ml bottle

Product information "BioTech USA Zero Drops flavor drops, 50 ml bottle"

Why Zero Drops from BioTech USA?

  • Lactose free *
  • Gluten free*
  • Sugar free**
  • Free from additives

* The product is lactose and gluten-free and does not affect the lactose and gluten content of the drink / food prepared according to the recommended use.

** With the exception of the “Caramel” and “Cookies & Cream” flavors, the product is sugar-free and does not affect the sugar content of the drink / food prepared according to the recommended use. The indication “sugar-free” applies to the ready-to-eat product made from 330 ml of water in the case of “caramel” and “cookies & cream” flavors.

Only your creativity sets limits!

You don't have to do without the delicious flavors, even if you only consume a little sugar and are following a high-quality diet. From the lactose-, gluten- and sugar-free Zero Drops you only need a few drops and you can change the taste of your porridge, your natural yoghurt or a serving of cottage cheese according to your taste. You can even use Zero Drops for your tasteless protein powdered drink, so you can enjoy your mixed drink differently every day after training. It's entirely up to you what you want to make tasty, from amino acid powders to mineral water.

You can even combine the different flavors! The product is practical and easy to incorporate into any diet so that your meals are not boring!

How can you consume BioTechUSA Zero Drops?

Add 7 to 10 drops of the product to any low-sugar and / or sugar-free drink or food that does not contain sucralose. Recommended consumption: 7-10 drops for 330 ml of drink or 200 g of food. You can add the product to various dishes and drinks or to tasteless powdered drinks, depending on your taste! Usable for example:

  • in porridge
  • in coffee
  • in smothie
  • in natural yoghurt, quark or cottage cheese
  • in pancakes.


Store in a cool and dry place. The product is sugar, gluten and lactose free and does not affect the sugar, gluten and lactose content of the drink / dish prepared according to the recommended use.


Flavor, sweetener (sucralose).

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