BioTech USA NitroX Therapy, 340 g can

Product information "BioTech USA NitroX Therapy, 340 g can"

Pre-workout formula, with creatine, carbohydrates, sugar-free *

Product highlights:

  • Formula with 21 active ingredients
  • With 3 types of combined, multi-phase creatines
  • Sugar free*
  • High caffeine ***
  • Refreshingly delicious flavors

* Refers to shakes prepared with water.

*** High caffeine content. Its consumption is not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women. (200 mg caffeine / portion, 80 mg caffeine / 100 ml prepared drink).

Get ready!

NitroX Therapy is the most popular professional pre-workout formula, made for your needs, sugar free.

The motivator

No matter if you are tired, you must not stop! You have to keep moving to achieve your goals.

A little motivation never hurts when the energy needed for training is running out. Choose an effective therapy and try nitrox therapy!

Reach the maximum level!

Per serving (17 g):

  • 3.5 g NOx NRG PUMP
  • 10 g of maltodextrin
  • 232 mg Creatine Complex
  • 208 mg ATP POWER (200 mg caffeine **)
  • 136 mg BCAA

NitroX Therapy is recommended if you:

  • are looking for a complex, sugar-free pre-workout product
  • take part in fitness competitions
  • Do martial arts or endurance sports
  • Prefer powder products
  • need additional motivation for your training

The special composition of NitroX Therapy is based on a special recipe that contains amino acids. Each serving contains 1,496 mg beta-alanine, 459 mg L-citrulline, 1,496 mg L-arginine HCl, calcium citrate malate and L-arginine AKG as active ingredients.


The product contains 200 mg of caffeine per serving. It also contains niacin, which supports the reduction of tiredness and exhaustion, and it also contributes to normal energy-producing metabolic processes. The product also contains alpha lipoic acid (antioxidant) and AMP (adenosine monophosphate).


Carbohydrates should be effective! Maltodextrin is one of the most popular complex carbohydrates among athletes.


A special blend of 3 different creatines that are at your service: micronized creatine monohydrate, buffered creatine monohydrate and creatine citrate.

Formulation with BCAA and MINERALS

With essential amino acids, vitamin B6 and minerals.

Like all BioTechUSA products, Nitrox Therapy consists of safe and carefully selected ingredients.

Recommended use:

Mix 1 serving (17 g) of the product with 250 ml of water in a shaker. Consume 1 serving 30 minutes before your workout.


Increased caffeine content [200 mg caffeine / serving, (80 mg caffeine / 100 ml ready-to-drink drink)]. Not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people sensitive to caffeine and people who suffer from heart disease or high blood pressure. The product should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle!

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