BioTech USA BCAA + Glutamine Zero, 480 g can

Product information "BioTech USA BCAA + Glutamine Zero, 480 g can"

Flavored beverage powder with BCAA and L-glutamine content, with sweeteners.

Product highlights:

  • BCAA and L-glutamine content in a ratio of 1: 1
  • BCAA amino acids in a ratio of 2: 1: 1
  • Gluten free
  • Sugar free

(Sugar-free: <0.5 g sugar / 100 ml ready-to-drink drink. Gluten-free according to the provisions of the European Union.)

Complex and practical 

BCAA or Glutamine? The eternal question is no longer an issue because the answer is: both! Their replacement occurs during and after long-lasting training or high-intensity training, as your muscle weight is made up of a high percentage of BCAAs (L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine) and glutamine (in conjunction with the other amino acids) builds up. So from now on, ask in pairs! With BioTechUSA BCAA + Glutamine Zero you can bring both of them into your organism at the same time. Don't be satisfied with half the success, give your muscles more power!

In one serving (12 g):

  • 5000 mg L-glutamine
  • 5000 mg BCAA of which:
  • L-leucine: 2500 mg
  • L-isoleucine: 1250 mg
  • L-valine: 1250 mg

How, when, for whom?

  • For both men and women.
  • Before, during and after long-lasting and high-intensity workouts.
  • For you, if you prefer flavored powdered drinks to tablets or capsules. 

Why do you need amino acids, including BCAAs?

The main components of living cells include proteins, among others; and amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Our body cannot produce certain amino acids, including BCAAs, on its own. Therefore, these valuable materials, which are essential for the human organism, should be taken from an external source. One of the practical options is the beverage powder with BCAA content. 

What is Glutamine? 

Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid that can be produced by the organism itself. However, glutamine supplementation may be possible in certain circumstances, such as: B. work very well at high intensity or longer training. In this case, the body's need for glutamine may be higher than it can currently produce. 

BCAA + Glutamine Zero contains safe, carefully selected ingredients like the other BioTechUSA products.

Consumption recommendation:

Mix 1 serving (12 g = 3 measuring spoons = 2 level tablespoons) beverage powder with 300 ml water in the mixing bottle!

Nutritional table:

  Per 100 g Per serving (12 g) RM ** (12 g)
Calorific value 1556 kJ / 366 kcal 187 kJ / 44 kcal 2.2%
fat <0.5 g <0.5 g 0.07%
- hereof: saturated fatty acids <0.1 g <0.1 g 0.02%
carbohydrates 7.8 g 0.9 g 0.36%
- of which sugars <0.5 g <0.5 g 0%
protein 83 g 9.4 g 19%
salt 0.97 g <0.01 g 1.9%

** Reference intake for an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal). 

  Per serving (12 g)
L-glutamine 5000 mg
BCAAs 5000 mg
- of which L-leucine 2500 mg
- of which L-isoleucine 1250 mg
- of which L-valine 1250 mg


L-glutamine 42%, instant L-leucine 21% (L-leucine, emulsifier: lecithins, maltodextrin), L-isoleucine 10.4%, L-valine 10.4%, flavors, acidulants (citric acid), sweeteners (sucralose ), Salt, coloring agent (tartazine) *.

* Tartrazine, Allura Red AC: can impair activity and alertness in children.

Made in a facility that processes milk , eggs , gluten , soy , crustaceans , sulfur dioxide and nuts 

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