BioTech EAA Zero 350g

As the name suggests, essential amino acids are indispensable for the human body because they cannot produce them at all or only in insufficient quantities. It is therefore particularly important to ensure their intake from external sources, preferably in optimal amounts and in the correct ratio.

Like all BioTechUSA was also  EAA  Zero  with  the aim of developing , the optimaleste composition to contain .  Therefore, EAA Zero contains all essential amino acids in an optimal ratio, as determined by the World Health Organization.       

With the new edition of EAA Zero, we not only wanted to meet the right proportions, but also to create a complex product. As a result, the product now contains all essential amino acids, and by adding glutamine, we have also increased the amount of amino acids required to build muscle.

EAA Zero offers a special combination of amino acids that you can consume without a guilty conscience during your diet because the product is sugar-free *. Drink it in the refreshing lemon and blue grape flavors before or even during an intense workout.


1 serving (14 g):

  • 3,400 mg BCAAs
    • 1,560 mg L-leucine
    • 800 mg L-Isoleucin
    • 1,040 mg L-Valin
  • 1,200 mg L-lysine
  • 600 mg L-threonine
  • 400 mg L-methionine
  • 3.580 mg L-Glutamine
  • 1,000 mg L-phenylalanine
  • 400 mg L-histidine
  • 160 mg L-Tryptophan

* Refers to shakes prepared with water.
** The ratio of the different essential amino acids in the product follows the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO). (Protein and amino acid requirements in human nutrition - report by experts from FAO / WHO / UNU.)


3,400 mg BCAA content.


Additional essential amino acids

In addition to the BCAA content, the product also contains all other essential amino acids and glutamine.

One serving contains 50% of an adult's essential amino acids (80 kg) according to the WHO recommendation. (Protein and amino acid requirements in human nutrition - report by experts from FAO / WHO / UNU).


Recommended use:

Mix 1 serving of the powder (14g = 2 heaped measuring spoons = 1 heaping tablespoon) with 400 ml of water. Consume one serving 15 minutes before training. Eat one serving between two meals on non-training days.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Dietary supplements do not replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep the product out of the reach of small children.

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