ä EAAs Nano 420g

  • Very good absorption due to the highest mesh quality of all EAA products on the market
  • No artificial colors or fillers
  • Purely vegan
  • Great taste in different variations
  • With keto electrolyte blend for more performance and better regeneration
  • With Bioperine® (improves the absorption and metabolism of nutrients)


The NANO EAA's contain all 8 essential amino acids in an excellent ratio and dosage for before, during or after training.

The EAA have the highest mesh quality of all currently available EAA products on the market. This means that the product is extremely well absorbed. The contained Bioperine® also ensures an even better absorption. The added electrolytes replace those consumed during training.

Anyone who deals with amino acids and their effects will quickly find out that the 8 EAA (essential amino acids) are particularly important for athletes from the areas of strength training and endurance training. Our body is unable to produce these 8 amino acids itself. Without an adequate supply of EAAs, however, neither muscle building nor muscle recovery is possible, worse, without EAA amino acids there is muscle breakdown.

Like the NANO BCAA, the taste of the EAA is outstanding. 


Recommended intake:

Shake 1 serving (1 measuring spoon) well with 400 - 600 ml of cold water in a shaker. Consume 1 serving between meals, before or after training

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